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    Redesigns, Retargeting: Re-ally 


    With the Oxcyon sites now migrated to the WordPress and utilizing responsive themes, It’s time to turn back and do the same with the GoPublish-based sites.

    Google recently has changed it’s algorithms to prefer mobile friendly sites for mobile users, and to continue reach those users, we need to update our sites to match. Because the time investment in upgrade our current themes is significant, we’ve decided to instead move to a new default theme and work from there.

    As the site is being redesigned, it will also be moved to a central network (ehlertmedia.com) of WordPress sites, so that the websites can share information and logins between each other.

    An initial meeting has been held with someone from each editorial groups to go through the process as well as begin the discussion about content structure and style. There will be follow up meetings with each of the groups as we begin the redesign for the site.

    The goal is to get all of our sites migrated to the central network with a new mobile template as soon as possible, with things being finished by the end of the third quarter.



    Ad targeting will be seeing improvements in the coming months. To help feed targeting data into DoubleClick (Pages, Categories, Tags), I’ve created a plugin to manage our website’s ad positions, as well as feed data into DoubleClick: DFP Ad Manager.

    The plugin can be dropped on top of our current ad positions, and integrated with the websites over time. It is still in active development, with plans to add targeting to individual ad positions and improve our overall marketing strategy with help from the sales team.

    Google Tag Manager

    The sites will also be integrated with Google Tag Manager, making it easier for anyone to upload new tags to the site for remarketing/retargeting services, without needing new code to be pushed to the server by the digital team.

    Google Tag Manager can be used to manage Google Analytics, Quantcast, comScore, LinkedIn, AdRoll, and any custom tags, as well.


    Creating enewsletters for many of our brands is a very manual process, requiring a lot of work by the editors gathering information and hand-coding and deploying each newsletter. In 2015, the digital team is working to migrate newsletters for all brands to RSS feeds and automate the process of deploying.

    With the newsletters becoming automated, it will free up more time for the digital group to focus on other projects and eblasts.

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    Plymouth Office Move 

    The Plymouth Office has packed up and moved! You can find us in our new digs a few stoplights down the road at 10405 6th Avenue North, Suite 210, Minneapolis, MN 55441.

    Our new office won’t be ready until June, so in the meantime, the Plymouth group is cozy in some temporary places located at the new location at scattered around the Minneapolis metro.

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    February Web Projects Update 


    Goodbye, Oxcyon!

    Just squeaking by in 2014, the last of the company websites hosted on Oxcyon were moved over to WordPress. All of the sites moved over the past year were created and are being housed on the EhlertMedia.com multisite (Information about WordPress Multisite can be found here).

    Now that all of the sites have been moved over, we’ll be taking time to go back and tighten up parts of the site that may have been ignored or patched poorly while trying to get the sites switched. A training session on WordPress is also planned for the coming weeks.

    Please continue to send me any requests as well as submit issues or questions to epgmediallc.com/web-request.


    More newsletters are being moved to an automated deployment system based on RSS feeds. RSS-based newsletters will make it easier and less laborious to rapidly deploy newsletters.

    Keep this fact in mind as you plan redesigns.

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    Quick-Fire Questions with Allison Turnberg 

    Quick questions to get to know the Plymouth office’s newest resident.


    Allison Turnberg


    Ally. I’ll go by either.

    Code names:

    None? An alias and a code name sounds like a lot to keep track of!

    Job Title:

    Editorial Assistant

    Describe what you do to a complete stranger in 7 words:

    Copy editing/data entry for a magazine.

    What magazines do you work on?

    Thunder Press.


    Two fluffy Siberian Huskies who are best friends. And one grouchy Australian Shepherd.

    If yes, do you take pictures of them?


    If yes again, can we see a picture?

    Shockingly, no one ever asks to see pictures of my dogs. So yes, yes you can.

    If you weren’t working right now, what would you be doing?

    I’d like to say training for my first half marathon, but that would probably be a lie. Watching Netflix, maybe.

    Have you ever stolen a pen that writes exceptionally well from a restaurant?

    Never! I was a server all throughout college and I know how much they cherish their pens.

    What skills do you have that could come in handy during an inter-office talent competition?

    Throwing people in the air, definitely. (See “obscure hobbies” below.)

    If you were a month of the year, which one would you be?

    September. Perfect weather! (Usually.)

    Where do you live and where have you lived?

    Other than a short stint in Duluth, I’ve pretty much stayed in Minneapolis my whole life.

    Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? Why?

    The duck-sized horses. I’m not really sure, but they sound somewhat less menacing.

    Last song you listened to?

    Uptown Funk. And it’s always stuck in my head!

    First song you listened to?

    I have no memory of this, but I’ve been told the Barney theme song was my jam.

    Do you have any obscure hobbies?

    Does Cheerleading Coach count as obscure?

    Do you want to write for the company newsletter?

    Actually? Yeah!

    Do you think writing for the company newsletter could be considered an obscure hobby?

    I still think that counts as falling under the “work” umbrella!

    And now you know Ally Turnberg in 30 seconds.

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    From the Magazines: Nov. ’14 

    Here are a few of the latest featured stories from around EPG M & SI.

    There’s No Excuse to Miss TCI Expo

    Arbor Age

    Don’t Count Beer Out Yet

    By Julie Johnson, Beverage Dynamics

    2014 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

    By Jonathan Sweet, Boating Industry

    Growth Brands 2014: Beer Here!

    By Melissa DowlingCheers

    Bioheat in Cold Weather

    By Greg Ehm, Fuel Oil News

    The Estimate Money Pit

    By Paul J. DelFino, Landscape & Irrigation

    Five tips on how to treat your service technicians

    By Jeff SheetsOutdoor Power Equipment

    A look back at AIMExpo 2014

    Powersports Business

    Riding Old U.S. 66 from Seligman, Arizona, to Barstow, California

    By Clement SalvadoriRider

    Flashback: Old Sledding Products That Are Stranger Than Fiction

    Snow Goer

    Harley-Davidson MY 2015 press launch: The hits keep happening

    By Terry Roorda, Thunder Press

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    EPG M & SI takes home awards at the 2014 MMPA Excellence Awards 



    Overall Excellence (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Silver


    Editor’s or Publisher’s Editorial or Letter to the Readers (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Gold

    Thunder PressThe Blue Dog Diaries: Taking Stock by Terry Roorda

    Editorial: Feature Article (Business/Trade Under 30,000) – Bronze

    Powersports Business: Grom-O-Mania by Liz Keener

    How-To Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Silver

    SnowGoer: How to Rebuild An Arctic Cat Clutch by Andy Swanson

    Profile Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Gold

    SnowGoer: The David Who Created A Goliath by John Prusak

    Profile Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Bronze

    Thunder Press: Vision of Dreams: Running by Shadow

    Single-Topic Issue, Special Section, or Special Supplement (Business/Trade Under 30,000) – Bronze

    Boating Industry: Boating Industry 2013 Top 100 Commemorative Issue

    Regular Column (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Bronze

    Rider: Riding Well

    Single Page or Spread Design (Special Interest) – Gold

    Rider: Born Again by Greg Drevenstedt



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    Project Updates – November ’14 

    Green Group Websites

    New websites have launched for several of the websites in the Green Media group: SportsTurfOnline.com, OutdoorPowerEquipment.com and LandscapeIrrigation.com. Arbor Age is scheduled to get a new website sometime next week.

    The new websites are a part of the EPG M& SI WordPress multisite, which makes it easier for editors to manage multiple related websites. The multisite also makes it easier to add additional micro-sites and manage updates. Look forward to more information on that in 2015.

    Cheers Website

    Cheers also launched a redesign of their website: CheersOnline.com. Jeremy Nedelka put in some great work getting the site set up, making it easier to get content transferred and the the site launched.

    Remaining Oxcyon Sites

    There are 4 sites remaining to be transferred to WordPress. Here is a tentative timeline for launch:

    • Arbor Age – 11/21
    • Fuel Oil News – 12/4
    • StateWays – 12/11
    • Information & Insights – December ’14


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    Fall 2014 Expo Results 

    With three of this fall’s events out of the way, and one starting next week, we catch up the events group to find out how shows are performing this year:

    Big East Powersports Show & Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo

    Actual, paid attendance at the Big East Powersports Show was up by more than 20 percent over last year, and last year was up even more than that over the year prior to that.

    At Denver, the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo saw attendance increase by 6 percent, and at both shows our vendors reported a dramatic increase in sales of everything from riding gear to performance parts to magazine subscriptions.

    Snowmobilers are excited about the coming year, and that showed up at the fall shows.

    American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo)

    AIMExpo attenandance was 18,145, up from 13,219 in 2013.

    Powersports Business Institute @ AIMExpo had 842 attendees in 32 dealer training sessions, or an average of 26 dealers per session. That’s up from an average of 22 dealers in each session last year.

    The Motorcycle Group also had over 500 consumers attend 16 seminars on DIY tips for enjoying your motorcycle adventure in the debut of RIDERS GARAGE.

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    EPG @ AIMExpo 

    AIMExpo 2014

    Rider Garage

    PSBI & Power 50

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    Company Pets – October 2014 

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