February Web Projects Update


Goodbye, Oxcyon!

Just squeaking by in 2014, the last of the company websites hosted on Oxcyon were moved over to WordPress. All of the sites moved over the past year were created and are being housed on the EhlertMedia.com multisite (Information about WordPress Multisite can be found here).

Now that all of the sites have been moved over, we’ll be taking time to go back and tighten up parts of the site that may have been ignored or patched poorly while trying to get the sites switched. A training session on WordPress is also planned for the coming weeks.

Please continue to send me any requests as well as submit issues or questions to epgmediallc.com/web-request.


More newsletters are being moved to an automated deployment system based on RSS feeds. RSS-based newsletters will make it easier and less laborious to rapidly deploy newsletters.

Keep this fact in mind as you plan redesigns.