Redesigns, Retargeting: Re-ally


With the Oxcyon sites now migrated to the WordPress and utilizing responsive themes, It’s time to turn back and do the same with the GoPublish-based sites.

Google recently has changed it’s algorithms to prefer mobile friendly sites for mobile users, and to continue reach those users, we need to update our sites to match. Because the time investment in upgrade our current themes is significant, we’ve decided to instead move to a new default theme and work from there.

As the site is being redesigned, it will also be moved to a central network ( of WordPress sites, so that the websites can share information and logins between each other.

An initial meeting has been held with someone from each editorial groups to go through the process as well as begin the discussion about content structure and style. There will be follow up meetings with each of the groups as we begin the redesign for the site.

The goal is to get all of our sites migrated to the central network with a new mobile template as soon as possible, with things being finished by the end of the third quarter.



Ad targeting will be seeing improvements in the coming months. To help feed targeting data into DoubleClick (Pages, Categories, Tags), I’ve created a plugin to manage our website’s ad positions, as well as feed data into DoubleClick: DFP Ad Manager.

The plugin can be dropped on top of our current ad positions, and integrated with the websites over time. It is still in active development, with plans to add targeting to individual ad positions and improve our overall marketing strategy with help from the sales team.

Google Tag Manager

The sites will also be integrated with Google Tag Manager, making it easier for anyone to upload new tags to the site for remarketing/retargeting services, without needing new code to be pushed to the server by the digital team.

Google Tag Manager can be used to manage Google Analytics, Quantcast, comScore, LinkedIn, AdRoll, and any custom tags, as well.


Creating enewsletters for many of our brands is a very manual process, requiring a lot of work by the editors gathering information and hand-coding and deploying each newsletter. In 2015, the digital team is working to migrate newsletters for all brands to RSS feeds and automate the process of deploying.

With the newsletters becoming automated, it will free up more time for the digital group to focus on other projects and eblasts.