Employee Spotlight: Dave Voll 


Dave Voll – Group Publisher

As he moves into his new role as group publisher, it’s high time we get to know Dave Voll!

“So I’ve been here for a little over 19 years,” said Dave, who worked with a whole slew of titles during his tenure. “When I got hired here, it was still the Ehlert Publishing Group and I started selling on Watercraft World. In 1998, I moved over to Powersports Business when merged our trade titles. Then 2002, Boating Industry was purchased and I got on board and was doing both for a while.”

Since then, Dave has bounced between many of the brands, leading the consumer powersports magazines Rider and Thunder Press sales teams as well.

“I’ve had my hand in powersports since day one,” said Dave, who is taking on the Green titles Landscape and Irrigation, Sports Turf Management, OPE and Arbor Age.

He said it’s especially exciting since he’s had an eye on some of the new titles for years.

“I remember going down to trade shows representing Powersports Business and seeing these great publications serving their markets. It’s funny how it’s come full circle and we own them now!” said Dave. “I’m actually really excited about diving back into trade with the products we have. I thought it was a very interesting segment of the industry – a lot of revenue and product potential!”

He said he looks forward to continued growth of the brands.

“I’m most excited about seeing titles that I’ve observed from afar and getting a chance to help them grow,” said Dave. “We’ve got a great team in place. I’m going to lean on them to learn the industry and hopefully bring over some expertise that worked in some other niches we’ve explored over the years, hopefully bring some of my experience and what I’ve done over the years.”

He said he is also eager to take over as the point person for the far-flung brands.

“I think part of it is just to make people feel they’re not out there on an island – this is our hub now,” said Dave. “We do have folks out there working from home and in small offices, but everyone should know we’re on one team creating quality informative products to serve our audiences.”


“I have a wife named Angela, a son Gibson and a daughter Samantha,” said Dave. He said it was tough to come up with a name for his son, but his love of music helped.

“We were struggling,” said Dave, describing how they landed on the name Gibson. “She was flipping through the 40,000-name baby book and I was flipping through a guitar magazine – Fender, Stratocaster: dumb names. When I said Gibson, we both kind of said, ‘Oh.’”


“What are my hobbies? Golf. I used to be a three or four handicap, now I’m about 10! I like to work out a couple times a week – I don’t run. There’s no 5k in my bucket list, not a 3k – not even a .5k. I do play basketball, that’s my running.”

His kids dictate a lot of his time out of work, but still gets out to enjoy his powersports toys and noodle on the guitar.


“I would say, I’m probably a late 70s guy, but I don’t miss hair metal. Give me a good rock band that’s guitar featured: it could be the Stones, Van Halen, Zeppelin, it could be Black Sabbath, it could be KISS – just guys that play the guitar,” said Dave. “I’m a traditionalist.”


“You know, a couple places I go to do this Mexican jambalaya named after various regions in Mexico. Mostly, I’m a steak and potatoes guy. Hash browns rule the world. I love the comeback of the tater tot,” said Dave. “And I’m addicted to McDonalds iced coffee in the morning.”

Favorite Career Moments

“One time Pete McAllister and I – long time ago – sold three 200-page issues of Watercraft World in a row,” said Dave. “Those were big old issues, that was kinda fun.”

He said he also enjoys the various industry shows.

“Just to talk to consumers about how jazzed they are about motorcycling, PWC, etc.,” said Dave. “It’s the same on the trade side, when you actually get out there in the market and get a chance to really see the end user and hearing good things about products we have developed, it’s refreshing. I think we get busy and we forget about it, but our products are looked on pretty highly. That’s always a proud moment for the teams.”

Dream Job

“If I weren’t here, I probably would have pursued being not a pro golfer, but a club pro. Or else, if we’re dreaming here, who wouldn’t want to be a musician? Never showering, playing guitar, getting up late – heck yeah!” said Dave. “Marion, buy some guitar publications!”


“My favorite vacation spot is probably Hawaii,” said Dave. “But my favorite vacation of all time was touring Italy. We went from Milan, down to Venice to Montecatini; which is in Tuscany, then down to Rome. The Romans had it going on during their heyday!”

Tune in next month when we turn the spotlight on another EPG/SIM star!