Employee Spotlight – Becca Hudson

DSC_6423-webLet’s get to know our newest art director, ex rocker rock star and artist Becca Hudson!

The award-winning designer joined us in the Plymouth office in October, and is already doing great work on Rider and Snow Goer magazines while figuring out the beast that is the production server.

Her storied professional past includes some seminal Midwest publications and some former Ehlert titles.

“I went to school for graphic design at University of Wisconsin in River Falls, then after that I went to work for City Pages and worked there for five or six years, and then I worked as the production director for The Onion,” said Hudson.

Her past upbringing among the hunters and flannels of rural, northern Minnesota prepared her well for her next job at a couple of titles that might be familiar to some EPG veterans.

“Then, I went to work for Grand View Media, which actually was an offshoot of Ehlert here and I was an art director there for Bow World and Archery Business,” said Hudson.

Creativity has always been her professional passion.

“So much of what I do is just following a template and following the rules of editorial layout,” said Hudson. “But anytime there is a chance to come up with something creative – even how you lay out a headline or even a piece of copy — I really like doing anything outside the box like that.”

Outside of work, she keeps herself busy with sports, her art and the family band – yes, the family band.
“I’m a huge hockey fan, so I love anything with the Minnesota Wild or the Gophers. I also love to paint; I do a lot of painting — any kind of painting,” said Hudson. “I also do a lot of illustration work. I’ve illustrated a couple books.”

Hudson joins the few resident EPG authors.

“I wrote and illustrated for parents of children with Down Syndrome – my youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, so I wrote a book for parents,” said Hudson, describing her book titled What I Want You To Know.

She also spends her time using her media skills in a volunteer capacity.

“I do some things for different Down Syndrome organizations, I help them with newsletters and things like that,” said Hudson. “I also volunteer for the National Down Syndrome Congress out in Massachusetts – I’m part of this first-call team. So if someone finds out they’re going to have a baby with a problem or any kind of disability, I’m on a list of people they can call and talk to a parent who’s trained and knowledgeable in that. Sometimes it’s heart-wrenching, but usually it’s upbeat and you can really help people instantly and say, “It’s going to be OK, it gets better.”

She her husband and their 8-year-old daughter spend a lot of time at home, but not parked in front of the television.

“I’m a definite homebody, so I’m often in my studio at home – I have a little painting studio,” said Hudson. “We’ve recently started digging out our guitars again, so that’s kind of fun. We have little family band jam sessions. I play guitar, my husband plays anything and my daughter — she’s crazy — she’ll scream into the microphone or bang on the drums – we just have fun.”

While she doesn’t see the family buying a bus and hitting the road anytime soon, she’s well acquainted with the Minneapolis music scene.

“Many years ago when I worked for the City Pages and The Onion, I used to busk – play on the street or play on the skyway,” said Hudson. “I played a lot of the bars in Minneapolis.”

And not just any bars…

“I played the First Avenue, the 400 Bar and different little bars, but that was many years ago,” said Hudson humbly.

Don’t be shy, say, “Hi,” to our new resident rock star of design and … well, rock!