Quick-Fire Questions with Allison Turnberg

Quick questions to get to know the Plymouth office’s newest resident.


Allison Turnberg


Ally. I’ll go by either.

Code names:

None? An alias and a code name sounds like a lot to keep track of!

Job Title:

Editorial Assistant

Describe what you do to a complete stranger in 7 words:

Copy editing/data entry for a magazine.

What magazines do you work on?

Thunder Press.


Two fluffy Siberian Huskies who are best friends. And one grouchy Australian Shepherd.

If yes, do you take pictures of them?


If yes again, can we see a picture?

Shockingly, no one ever asks to see pictures of my dogs. So yes, yes you can.

If you weren’t working right now, what would you be doing?

I’d like to say training for my first half marathon, but that would probably be a lie. Watching Netflix, maybe.

Have you ever stolen a pen that writes exceptionally well from a restaurant?

Never! I was a server all throughout college and I know how much they cherish their pens.

What skills do you have that could come in handy during an inter-office talent competition?

Throwing people in the air, definitely. (See “obscure hobbies” below.)

If you were a month of the year, which one would you be?

September. Perfect weather! (Usually.)

Where do you live and where have you lived?

Other than a short stint in Duluth, I’ve pretty much stayed in Minneapolis my whole life.

Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? Why?

The duck-sized horses. I’m not really sure, but they sound somewhat less menacing.

Last song you listened to?

Uptown Funk. And it’s always stuck in my head!

First song you listened to?

I have no memory of this, but I’ve been told the Barney theme song was my jam.

Do you have any obscure hobbies?

Does Cheerleading Coach count as obscure?

Do you want to write for the company newsletter?

Actually? Yeah!

Do you think writing for the company newsletter could be considered an obscure hobby?

I still think that counts as falling under the “work” umbrella!

And now you know Ally Turnberg in 30 seconds.