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  • The Staff 8:31 am on February 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Survey: What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? 

    It’s only mid-February, so hopefully you haven’t abandoned your New Year’s Resolution yet. If you have, better luck next year. Either way, what did you promise yourself on January 1? Take our survey and share your 2015 goals!


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    Summer Vacation Photos 

    In a previous edition of the EPG Newsletter, we asked for descriptions and photos from employees’ vacations. There were only two responses this time, but the photos are great so check them out!

    And be sure to participate in the most recent survey, which asks about New Year’s Resolutions.

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    February Web Projects Update 


    Goodbye, Oxcyon!

    Just squeaking by in 2014, the last of the company websites hosted on Oxcyon were moved over to WordPress. All of the sites moved over the past year were created and are being housed on the multisite (Information about WordPress Multisite can be found here).

    Now that all of the sites have been moved over, we’ll be taking time to go back and tighten up parts of the site that may have been ignored or patched poorly while trying to get the sites switched. A training session on WordPress is also planned for the coming weeks.

    Please continue to send me any requests as well as submit issues or questions to


    More newsletters are being moved to an automated deployment system based on RSS feeds. RSS-based newsletters will make it easier and less laborious to rapidly deploy newsletters.

    Keep this fact in mind as you plan redesigns.

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    Quick-Fire Questions with Allison Turnberg 

    Quick questions to get to know the Plymouth office’s newest resident.


    Allison Turnberg


    Ally. I’ll go by either.

    Code names:

    None? An alias and a code name sounds like a lot to keep track of!

    Job Title:

    Editorial Assistant

    Describe what you do to a complete stranger in 7 words:

    Copy editing/data entry for a magazine.

    What magazines do you work on?

    Thunder Press.


    Two fluffy Siberian Huskies who are best friends. And one grouchy Australian Shepherd.

    If yes, do you take pictures of them?


    If yes again, can we see a picture?

    Shockingly, no one ever asks to see pictures of my dogs. So yes, yes you can.

    If you weren’t working right now, what would you be doing?

    I’d like to say training for my first half marathon, but that would probably be a lie. Watching Netflix, maybe.

    Have you ever stolen a pen that writes exceptionally well from a restaurant?

    Never! I was a server all throughout college and I know how much they cherish their pens.

    What skills do you have that could come in handy during an inter-office talent competition?

    Throwing people in the air, definitely. (See “obscure hobbies” below.)

    If you were a month of the year, which one would you be?

    September. Perfect weather! (Usually.)

    Where do you live and where have you lived?

    Other than a short stint in Duluth, I’ve pretty much stayed in Minneapolis my whole life.

    Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? Why?

    The duck-sized horses. I’m not really sure, but they sound somewhat less menacing.

    Last song you listened to?

    Uptown Funk. And it’s always stuck in my head!

    First song you listened to?

    I have no memory of this, but I’ve been told the Barney theme song was my jam.

    Do you have any obscure hobbies?

    Does Cheerleading Coach count as obscure?

    Do you want to write for the company newsletter?

    Actually? Yeah!

    Do you think writing for the company newsletter could be considered an obscure hobby?

    I still think that counts as falling under the “work” umbrella!

    And now you know Ally Turnberg in 30 seconds.

  • Jeremy Nedelka 1:34 am on February 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Employee Profile: Adam Rogers 


    Adam Rogers, Manager of Information Services, Beverage Information & Insights Group

    I recently sat down with Adam Rogers, the Manager of Information Services for the Beverage Information & Insights Group, to find out a little more about his work history and home life. For those of you who haven’t met Adam, here’s a little glimpse into what makes him tick.


    How did you come to work with the beverage research team?

    I was previously at Millward Brown, a global advertising research company. At that job I became comfortable with the vast amounts of data I have to sift through on a daily basis. I started here as a research analyst in 2007, before moving into my current position a couple years ago.

    Before working in research, I got myself through college working a lot of trade jobs like landscaping, HVAC and painting – so I also have that going for me.


    What exactly do you do on the research team?

    I work in the handbooks division, which puts out 10 data books and 2-3 additional reports each year on every part of the beverage industry, including liquor, wine and beer sales. We track twelve categories in the spirits market alone, and every handbook contains tens of thousands of data points and historical data, sometimes going back many decades.


    What’s your favorite part of working in your current position?

    Identifying trends in the industry.


    What’s your life like outside of work?

    I live in the coastal community of Milford, CT, with my wife, our three-year-old son and six-year-old Border Collie. My hobbies including chasing my son around, but I also enjoy the outdoors – especially going hiking. I also have a passion for cooking great food and entertaining.


    What do you like to drink when you go out?

    I’m a typical Millennial consumer, since I drink based on the occasion. I like craft beer, Bourbon and red wine, depending what the situation calls for.


    What’s one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

    I can wiggle my ears.


    There you have it. If you’re curious about the handbooks division (and who wouldn’t be?) and want to find out more, visit You can also reach Adam at If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll send you a video of himself wiggling his ears.

  • Nicholas Upton 12:50 pm on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Employee Spotlight – Becca Hudson 

    DSC_6423-webLet’s get to know our newest art director, ex rocker rock star and artist Becca Hudson!

    The award-winning designer joined us in the Plymouth office in October, and is already doing great work on Rider and Snow Goer magazines while figuring out the beast that is the production server.

    Her storied professional past includes some seminal Midwest publications and some former Ehlert titles.

    “I went to school for graphic design at University of Wisconsin in River Falls, then after that I went to work for City Pages and worked there for five or six years, and then I worked as the production director for The Onion,” said Hudson.

    Her past upbringing among the hunters and flannels of rural, northern Minnesota prepared her well for her next job at a couple of titles that might be familiar to some EPG veterans.

    “Then, I went to work for Grand View Media, which actually was an offshoot of Ehlert here and I was an art director there for Bow World and Archery Business,” said Hudson.

    Creativity has always been her professional passion.

    “So much of what I do is just following a template and following the rules of editorial layout,” said Hudson. “But anytime there is a chance to come up with something creative – even how you lay out a headline or even a piece of copy — I really like doing anything outside the box like that.”

    Outside of work, she keeps herself busy with sports, her art and the family band – yes, the family band.
    “I’m a huge hockey fan, so I love anything with the Minnesota Wild or the Gophers. I also love to paint; I do a lot of painting — any kind of painting,” said Hudson. “I also do a lot of illustration work. I’ve illustrated a couple books.”

    Hudson joins the few resident EPG authors.

    “I wrote and illustrated for parents of children with Down Syndrome – my youngest daughter has Down Syndrome, so I wrote a book for parents,” said Hudson, describing her book titled What I Want You To Know.

    She also spends her time using her media skills in a volunteer capacity.

    “I do some things for different Down Syndrome organizations, I help them with newsletters and things like that,” said Hudson. “I also volunteer for the National Down Syndrome Congress out in Massachusetts – I’m part of this first-call team. So if someone finds out they’re going to have a baby with a problem or any kind of disability, I’m on a list of people they can call and talk to a parent who’s trained and knowledgeable in that. Sometimes it’s heart-wrenching, but usually it’s upbeat and you can really help people instantly and say, “It’s going to be OK, it gets better.”

    She her husband and their 8-year-old daughter spend a lot of time at home, but not parked in front of the television.

    “I’m a definite homebody, so I’m often in my studio at home – I have a little painting studio,” said Hudson. “We’ve recently started digging out our guitars again, so that’s kind of fun. We have little family band jam sessions. I play guitar, my husband plays anything and my daughter — she’s crazy — she’ll scream into the microphone or bang on the drums – we just have fun.”

    While she doesn’t see the family buying a bus and hitting the road anytime soon, she’s well acquainted with the Minneapolis music scene.

    “Many years ago when I worked for the City Pages and The Onion, I used to busk – play on the street or play on the skyway,” said Hudson. “I played a lot of the bars in Minneapolis.”

    And not just any bars…

    “I played the First Avenue, the 400 Bar and different little bars, but that was many years ago,” said Hudson humbly.

    Don’t be shy, say, “Hi,” to our new resident rock star of design and … well, rock!

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    From the Magazines: Nov. ’14 

    Here are a few of the latest featured stories from around EPG M & SI.

    There’s No Excuse to Miss TCI Expo

    Arbor Age

    Don’t Count Beer Out Yet

    By Julie Johnson, Beverage Dynamics

    2014 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

    By Jonathan Sweet, Boating Industry

    Growth Brands 2014: Beer Here!

    By Melissa DowlingCheers

    Bioheat in Cold Weather

    By Greg Ehm, Fuel Oil News

    The Estimate Money Pit

    By Paul J. DelFino, Landscape & Irrigation

    Five tips on how to treat your service technicians

    By Jeff SheetsOutdoor Power Equipment

    A look back at AIMExpo 2014

    Powersports Business

    Riding Old U.S. 66 from Seligman, Arizona, to Barstow, California

    By Clement SalvadoriRider

    Flashback: Old Sledding Products That Are Stranger Than Fiction

    Snow Goer

    Harley-Davidson MY 2015 press launch: The hits keep happening

    By Terry Roorda, Thunder Press

  • Jeremy Nedelka 12:06 pm on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Division Spotlight: Beverage Group Magazines 

    The three magazines in the beverage group (Beverage Dynamics, Cheers and StateWays) have a long history of covering the beverage alcohol industry.

    Beverage Dynamics has been around for 85 years, starting less than a year after the repeal of Prohibition as Liquor Store & Dispenser magazine. In the 1950s the name was changed to Liquor Store, then to Beverage Dynamics in the late 1980s. Other than a few years when it was called Beverage & Food Dynamics, the name has remained constant since then.

    Cheers is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015, and StateWays has been around since the 1970s.


    Why Three Separate Magazines?

    In order to understand how the three books serve the readers, first you need a little history about the alcohol industry.

    The U.S. retail market is divided into two parts: control states and open states. In general, control states (Pennsylvania, Oregon, Michigan and Ohio among them) only allow spirits and wine sales at state-owned stores. The control states make up about 25% of the retail beverage alcohol market (18 states and two counties in Maryland). StateWays is written for control state personnel, who work in state-owned stores and who handle the purchasing, merchandising and responsibility programs in those states. In nearly all controls states, some portion of the tax dollars collected from alcohol states is used for responsible drinking campaigns and code enforcement.

    Open states sell licenses for retailers to operate off-premise stores (called off-premise because alcohol is consumed outside of the store, generally at home). State laws vary – for example in Colorado licensees can only own one location, so there are no chain stores, and whether beer can be sold only in licensed stores varies greatly among open states. Beverage Dynamics serves the owners, managers and employees of open state retail locations.

    The other half of the beverage alcohol market is on-premise bars and restaurants (called on-premise because alcohol must be consumed within the bar/restaurant). Cheers serves the on-premise market, which includes bartenders, restaurant managers, and chain executives. Stories focus on hospitality topics, drink recipe creation, marketplace trends, and of course the new product announcements and category updates contained in the other two magazines.


    What We Cover

    Over the course of a year, the beverage magazines need to provide updates on every category in the beverage alcohol industry. The major ones include spirits like vodka, rum, whisk(e)y (American, Canadian, Irish, Scotch and international), cordials and liqueurs, gin, tequila, and brandy/Cognac; wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Malbec, and Sparkling/Champagne; as well as domestic, imported and craft beers.

    Yes, we do receive sample bottles of new products. Part of our job as editors is to taste-test products on a regular basis to help us stay on top of emerging trends. As you can imagine, the conferences and other events in our industry are also heavily focused on enjoying a cocktail, glass of wine or pint of beer.


    Updated Look and Feel

    Over the past year, the beverage group publications have undergone some major changes. Both Cheers and Beverage Dynamics magazines were redesigned, as were their corresponding email newsletters and websites. Be sure to check out and, especially if you haven’t visited those sites recently. StateWays will be next to receive similar updates in the coming months. Richard Brandes, who had edited Beverage Dynamics for nearly 25 years and StateWays for more than a decade announced his retirement in August, adding to the long list of changes within the group.


    Who Creates the Content?

    The staff that works on the three beverage titles includes:


    Amy Collins – Publisher

    Melissa Dowling – Editor of Cheers

    Jeremy Nedelka – Editor of Beverage Dynamics and StateWays

    Bruce Kostic – Senior Sales Manager

    Mark Marcon – Senior Sales Manager

    Debbie Rittenberg – Senior Sales Manager

    Dodi Vessels – Managing Art Director

    Adam Lane – Art Director, Beverage Dynamics and StateWays


  • Christopher Gerber 12:03 pm on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    EPG M & SI takes home awards at the 2014 MMPA Excellence Awards 



    Overall Excellence (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Silver


    Editor’s or Publisher’s Editorial or Letter to the Readers (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Gold

    Thunder PressThe Blue Dog Diaries: Taking Stock by Terry Roorda

    Editorial: Feature Article (Business/Trade Under 30,000) – Bronze

    Powersports Business: Grom-O-Mania by Liz Keener

    How-To Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Silver

    SnowGoer: How to Rebuild An Arctic Cat Clutch by Andy Swanson

    Profile Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Gold

    SnowGoer: The David Who Created A Goliath by John Prusak

    Profile Article (Special interest Over 60,000) – Bronze

    Thunder Press: Vision of Dreams: Running by Shadow

    Single-Topic Issue, Special Section, or Special Supplement (Business/Trade Under 30,000) – Bronze

    Boating Industry: Boating Industry 2013 Top 100 Commemorative Issue

    Regular Column (Special Interest Over 60,000) – Bronze

    Rider: Riding Well

    Single Page or Spread Design (Special Interest) – Gold

    Rider: Born Again by Greg Drevenstedt



  • Jeremy Nedelka 11:25 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Corporate Announcements: November 2014 

    For 2015, the schedule of pay days will be as follows:


    January 15, 30

    February 13, 27

    March 13, 31

    April 15, 30

    May 15, 29

    June 15, 30

    July 15, 31

    August 14, 31

    September 15, 30

    October 15, 30

    November 13, 30

    December 15, 31


    If you have any human resources questions, please contact Gerald Winkel at or Mary Jo Tomei at

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