Company Projects – October 2014

1. Apps

Last week, we were all introduced to the forthcoming apps, available now on iTunes and soon to be available across Android and Windows.

Joanne Juda will be setting up meetings with different business groups over the coming weeks to further demonstrate the new features.

You can view all of EPG Media’s currently available apps in the iTunes App Store.

2. WordPress sites

The process continues migrating our websites from Oxcyon Centralpoint to WordPress. The first site is nearing completion, and following that, hopefully more will be transferred in quicker succession. Look for further updates throughout the coming months.

3. Information & Insights Group

biig-digital-dataFrom Marybeth Came

The BIIG Research Group is migrating to electronic data collection. Historically BIIG Research’s in store stocking and merchandising observations were recorded via paper and pencil. Beginning this year we are now arming our field teams with Ipads and programmed surveys (see sample). This process expedites projects by reducing in store time, increasing accuracy using product images/drop down menu selection and eliminates data entry. The ultimate goal is to supply a faster turnaround of insights and findings to BIIG Research’s clients.