Employee Profile: Adam Rogers 


Adam Rogers, Manager of Information Services, Beverage Information & Insights Group

I recently sat down with Adam Rogers, the Manager of Information Services for the Beverage Information & Insights Group, to find out a little more about his work history and home life. For those of you who haven’t met Adam, here’s a little glimpse into what makes him tick.


How did you come to work with the beverage research team?

I was previously at Millward Brown, a global advertising research company. At that job I became comfortable with the vast amounts of data I have to sift through on a daily basis. I started here as a research analyst in 2007, before moving into my current position a couple years ago.

Before working in research, I got myself through college working a lot of trade jobs like landscaping, HVAC and painting – so I also have that going for me.


What exactly do you do on the research team?

I work in the handbooks division, which puts out 10 data books and 2-3 additional reports each year on every part of the beverage industry, including liquor, wine and beer sales. We track twelve categories in the spirits market alone, and every handbook contains tens of thousands of data points and historical data, sometimes going back many decades.


What’s your favorite part of working in your current position?

Identifying trends in the industry.


What’s your life like outside of work?

I live in the coastal community of Milford, CT, with my wife, our three-year-old son and six-year-old Border Collie. My hobbies including chasing my son around, but I also enjoy the outdoors – especially going hiking. I also have a passion for cooking great food and entertaining.


What do you like to drink when you go out?

I’m a typical Millennial consumer, since I drink based on the occasion. I like craft beer, Bourbon and red wine, depending what the situation calls for.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?

I can wiggle my ears.


There you have it. If you’re curious about the handbooks division (and who wouldn’t be?) and want to find out more, visit http://www.bevinfostore.com. You can also reach Adam at arogers@specialtyim.com. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll send you a video of himself wiggling his ears.